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Текст песни SEVENTEEN - SOS

Mello, it ain't right
Day to day to day, it's like we're an infinite roulette
Spin it, spin it, spin it, now, who's the next target?
White sticker looks so sweet
Don't stick it on, so dangerous
The second you regret, it's already too late
I'll tell you again for us
This isn't what you want
Ain't the true happiness
Don't know what we have all become
We need to find a way out
Tell me, where are we goin' right now?
Where is the love?
We can find the love, ooh-woah-oh-oh, ooh-woah
S-O-S-O-S-O, right now
Everyday, we're fightin'
A silent war we never wanted
Come on, right now
People keep on dyin'
When the world is killin' you, yeah

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