HWASA - I love my body

HWASA - I love my body
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Текст песни HWASA - I love my body

I love my body, that's my body, I love my body
Wake up in the morning, I wash my face and look in the mirror (Yeah-eh-eh)
I rub my eyes once and look closely (Yeah-eh-eh)
Every feature, one by one, I look pretty good (Na-na-na-na, na)
It's okay to be okay don’t fake it, don’t get hung up
Got way too many standards, not sure what’s right
There is only one answer
I love my body and my hair be so shiny
Head to toe be my body (Yeah, that's my body)
Yeah, that's my body, check out my lovely tummy
My arms, my legs so unique (Yeah, that's my body)
Whether I lost weight or not, what’s it to you?
It’s no longer good to see you
Pointless greetings for who (Yeah, yeah)

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